Catering Application

Catering Applications will open soon for the 2020 Field Days. 

Tender for the supply of services
The Catering Application to tender for the supply of services at the 2020 Mildura Field Days will be open soon.  Please register your interest our 2020 event.  .

Click here - Coming soon.
Applications for the provision of catering from previous providers will be afforded a preference; the Committee however reserves the right to refuse any application. Please be advised that electricity usage is to be included in the tender price that is submitted, (where applicable). Site fees are not charged separately.

Applications for the provision of catering services, together with a minimum 10% deposit of the total tender fee, must be received by the Coordinator by Wednesday April 1st 2020. Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Committee, however if the tender is accepted, full payment is required prior to the event. 
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